FameDollars v2.0 Promo Tools

Free Hosted Flash Galleries

Use our new FLASH Video Galleries and start benefitting from an immediate increase in your sales! We are now offering 2min FLV videos in a much bigger format that can only make your traffic go straight to our sites and join right away. Enjoy one the highest CTR among cash programs out there.

Free Hosted Flash Movies

So you're building yourself a Tube site ? We just might have the ultimate tool for you; free hosted FLV video content. Set yourself up an account with us and within minutes, you'll be able to link directly to our video files.

We have FLV videos for all of our sites, fully searchable and categorized in 6 tags for 100% precise results once made available on your site.

Each video is available with it's own thumbnails, which you choose from 3 available standards, as well as it's matching description !

Creating your own tube site at a minimum cost has never been made easier.

Embedded Flash Movies

Running your own blog? You need easily playable videos for your surfers that can be instantly played and loaded from our machines?

All our embeded FLV videos can be played through our very own flash player. We provide eveything and you can customize the intro screens with your own company logo!

Simply copy / paste our html code and you'll have a complete flash player and flv video ready to play directly on your website!

RSS Feeds

We know how tedious it can become to keep track of all the new content and featured we are offering that's why decided to setup some RSS feeds so that you don't even need to log to our content section to be updated on the latest uploaded stuff.

Our RSS Feeds are fully customizable and allow to get the following in a easy to parse file: FHG videos, FHG pictures, Hosted FLV video files, embeded FLV players, FHG galleries and webmasters news.

ZIP Content

For those of you who actually need the FLV files on your own machine, you have the option of zipping our video files and you'll receive an email as soon as it's ready. The process is simple and we even allow different pre-set file naming conventions to better fit the way your Tube software works!

We also make sure to include absolutely everything else you'll need: descriptions, categories, thumbnails and banners! Simply fill-out our forms and you're good to go!

Free Member Access

The free member's area access is offered to webmasters who are actively promoting of our sites. Get access to all the latest releases as they are updated and download the scenes you need for the promotion of our sites.

Custom Tools

We know that different affiliates have different needs. That is why we offer custom tools to cater to each affiliate’s requirements. You need galleries with a personalized header or a custom-size banner for a specific category or niche, we got it. Just ask away.

Tube Clip FTP

Hit us up to get access to an FTP with clips that are 7-10 minutes, along with an Excel sheet that has tags, titles, descriptions... You would need to host these clips